The ultimate community for cigar connoisseurs.

European Cigar Federation

About Us.

The finest pleasures in life are best enjoyed while being shared.

What started out with a few friends meeting for a smoke and some good conversations, has grown into a community for dedicated cigar lovers. The European Cigar Federation (ECF) is the ultimate community for cigar connoisseurs.

ECF is the place where similar minds can meet up and friendships form as we bring people together with a common passion for chasing the finest quality and cherishing precious moments of contented bliss unfurling in the smoke.

We were passionate about creating a traditional community in Europe for avid smokers. We had the intention to set up a place that connects members who are already united by sharing high standards and the love of top quality.


Our mission is to demystify cigars and provide opportunities for our members to improve their knowledge of premium cigars, to promote appreciation of cigar culture and make new friendships with fellow brothers and sisters.

The finest pleasures in life are best enjoyed while being shared.


Membership of the European Cigar Federation is by invitation only. If you would like to attend an event, but do not know any members, please contact us to arrange an introduction.

Founders of ECF



Viktor Schvab

President of ECF

George Popper
PROF. George Popper

Chairman of the Board

Dr Adam Schuman

Director of ECF

Zoltán Hossó
DR. Zoltán Hossó

Chief Executive

Patron of ECF

Gergő Turcsányi
H.E. David Nájera

Ambassador of Mexico

Contributors of ECF

Daniel Varga
Daniel Varga
Hungarian Cigar Aficionados,
Hungarian cigar expert, ECF

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